DrawCard-The Poster Girls


We're delighted to announce that we're now able to offer a premium postcard service in addition to our valued poster, flyer and brochure distribution. We are part of a national alliance and have recently purchased all the high quality Avant Card stands in WA which have now been rebranded as Drawcard. This premium service includes priority placement in dedicated stands for a minimum of 4 weeks (or while stocks last), photo reporting and a post-campaign report indicating locations and pickup rates where known. We're able to offer cheaper prices than Avant Card due to existing infrastructure, but we can still provide the same high standard of service as before for both state or national campaigns.

Our basic cost covers distribution AND printing but we're happy to offer a 'distribution only' service instead if you already have a preferred printer. However please check with us first regarding the required dimensions, as the cards need to meet specific sizing. We have approximately 115 stands throughout Perth and Fremantle and we leave around 75 per stand. Minimum numbers however may apply.

In addition to the postcards, we're also able to offer the branding space at the top of the stands which, when combined with your postcards, can draw even greater attention to your event. These are available in 4 week rotations and are an option at 35 different high traffic locations (for example the State Theatre, Event Cinemas, Council House, Maritime Museum, Luna Cinema, Art Gallery of WA, several universities and many cafes). The cost is based on a 4 week campaign, and includes installation and printing.